We have changed many tyres over the years due to the wear caused by tyres being driven on with insufficient air in them.

With under inflated tyres, the load of the car is not spread evenly over the tyre and only the edges are in contact with the road surface causing wear just on the inside and outside of the tyre.

​All new tyres are now labelled with their fuel efficiency rating, while this is an important factor, it is still very important to keep on top of tyre pressures as this will also improve fuel efficiency, under inflated tyres cause resistance which means more power is required to drive the vehicle.

Due to several requests from our customers we now have a Corghi nitrogen generator machine.


Tyres filled with nitrogen will maintain correct pressures for a longer period of time because the rate at which nitrogen passes out the walls of your tyres is slower than oxygen. This is a benefit to all drivers that do not check their tyre pressures regularly and also to vehicles that remain stationary for a longer period of time, for example Campervans or secondary, holiday cars.

Our Corghi nitrogen machine generates nitrogen from the air, the existing air in your tyres is sucked out and replaced with nitrogen.

Ideally top ups should be made with nitrogen but if you are caught short you can put air in your tyre until you can replace it with nitrogen, running the tyre at its correct pressure is the most important thing.