Please pop in for a free tyre inspection and at the same time we can make sure your tyre pressures are correct. Your tyres will last a lot longer if you run them at the correct pressure.

As well as ensuring your tyre pressures are correct, Tyres and their condition should be checked regularly for tread wear and damage. In this part of the world in particular, the amount of miles a vehicle clocks up is not the only factor affecting tyre condition. Potholes and unmade-up roads take their toll. So too does the climate: hot sunshine can cause tyre side walls to crack, graze, perish or distort.

We can supply all makes of tyres from economy tyres to the premium brands, from the most humble of vehicles to the top of the range sports cars. 

We hold a large stock of over 200 tyres but if we do not have your tyres in stock we can normally get them in 24 hours. Deane is also specialised in motorbike tyres and can provide you with advice and a full wheel removal service.

Our prices are very competitive and we always aim to provide excellent service.

Having the right tyres on your vehicle and tyres which are in good condition are essential to driving safety; tyres are of course the only point of contact between a vehicle and the ground.